Interested in Venture Capital?
Venture Capital (VC) is a type of finance provided by investors for startup entrepreneurs and small enterprises with the potential for long-term growth. Take a look at VC resources to get ideas for how to grow your business. A Growth Rate Model for Startup Founders is also included to assist you in determining how much money you’ll need to meet your revenue targets, as well as how annual revenue growth targets convert into monthly growth requirements
Non-VC Funding Sources for SaaS Founders, a list of Slack groups to join, top 60 Email Marketing Blogs, Websites, and Influencers in 2021, top 60+ Tools on Reducing Customer Churn, and more resources to help you break into Venture Capital (VC) are also available.
Check out these resources:
1) Due diligence checklist for VCs and startup investors:…/10V7…/htmlview
4) 2000+ VC and private Equity resources for startups:…/tblHJvbifRK…/viwnCxdNOfwQh35Up…
5) Healthtech venture Investor database for startup founder:…/tblyAK2VE4d…/viwiaTchRnMLqZqsS…
6) The best 200 No-vc funding resources for SAAS founders:…/1xXdrCWuvDa7dwcVRlczn…/edit…
7) 50 Succesful pitch deck for Fintech startups:…/tblYmChqnVP…/viwpcrOvuYV6zrhRO…
8) Six VC method for Valuing Early stage startups https:…/1Y9PTMTTM5NhVvz4Ox2g…/htmlview
9) Full list of 400+ slack communities:…/tblqNES4nmE…/viwBcZaLgeG7moSLK…
11) Top 130+ startup blogs and influencers
12) Hard questions VC’s will ask SAAS founders
13) 2000+ Resources to grow your organic Traffic
14) 1000+ Growth hacks for SAAS startups:
15) Best fundraising Resources for Fintech startups
16) Startup cap table and Return Model Template
17) 130+ KPI’s Handbook for SAAS companies
18) 90+ best resources for your SAAS growth
19) 100+ Good sales email
20) 300+ YC resources to get founders back on their Feet
21) Fundraising Template for SAAS startups
23) Marketing and Sales resources for SAAS companies
24) Growth rate calculator for startup founder…/1xmLUBIeg81LEZjMDaB…/edit
25) 280+ Incubators and Accelerators for startup founders
26) Top 60 Email marketing blogs, websites and influencers
27) 60+ Resources on reducing Customer churn
28) YCombinator Series A term sheet Template

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