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MBA Foundational Concepts

  • How to Calculate a Return on Investment (ROI) (link)

  • Time Value of Money (link)

  • Analyzing Financial Statements (link)

  • Opportunity Costs (link)

  • Enterprise Value & Market Value (link)

  • Employee Equity: Vesting (link)

  • What a CEO Does (link)

  • Margins (link)

  • Financing Options for Startups (link)

  • EBITDA (link)

  • Cap Tables (link)

  • Burn Rate (link)

  • The Board of Directors, Board Meetings (link)

  • Revenue Models (link)

  • Convertible Debt (link)

  • Valuation (link)

  • Revisiting The Term Sheet, Brad Feld (link)

  • Three Functions of Management, Matt Blumberg (link)

  • Selling Your Company (link)


Leadership Books

  • The Great CEO Within, Matt Mochary (link)

  • Radical Candor, Kim Scott (link)

  • The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook, Peter Senge (link)

  • The Hard Things About Hard Things, Ben Horowitz (link)

  • Difficult Conversations, Douglas Stone (link)

  • The Effective Executive, Peter Drucker (link)

  • High Growth Handbook, Elad Gil (link)

  • Reinventing Organizations, Frederic Laloux (link)

  • Brave New Work, Aaron Dignan (link)

  • Non-Violent Communication, Marshall Rosenberg (link)

  • The Score Takes Care of Itself, Bill Walsh (link)

  • A Theory of Human Motivation, Abraham Masow (link)

  • Let My People Go Surfing, Yvon Chouinard (link)

  • Conscious Capitalism, John Mackey (link)

  • Good to Great, Jim Collins (link)

  • High Output Management, Andy Grove (link)

Leadership Podcasts

  • Jocko Leadership and Discipline Podcast (link)

  • Secret Leaders (link)

General Business

Business Podcasts

  • BiggerPockets Business (Link)


Innovation Books

  • Competing Against Luck, Clay Christensen (link)



Strategy Books

  • Founders at Work, Jessica Livingston (link)

  • Zero to One, Peter Thiel (link)

  • Technological Revolutions and Financial Capital, Carlota Perez (link)

  • 7 Powers, Hamilton Helmer (link)

  • Thinking In Systems, Donella Meadows (link)


Email Marketing

  • Email Mastery (link)


Investing Podcasts

  • We Study Billionaires (link)

Finance Books

  • Principles, Ray Dalio (link)



  • How the Economic Machine Works, Ray Dalio (link)



YC Startup School (A++)

Fasttrack: Books for Founders

  • 7 Powers, Hamilton Helmer (link)

  • Radical Candor

  • Thinking In Systems, Donella Meadows (link)

  • Difficult Conversations

  • The Effective Executive

  • High Growth Handbook

  • High Output Management

  • Reinventing Organizations

  • Non-Violent Communication

  • The Score Takes Care of Itself

  • A Theory of Human Motivation

  • The Lean Startup, Eric Ries (link)

Venture Capital

History of VC

  • Debt: the First 5000 Years – Alex Danco (link)

  • The History of Private Equity & Venture Capital – Wikipedia (link)

  • They Would be Gods (link)

  • Heat Death: Venture Capital in the 1980s – Jerry Neumann, Reaction Wheel (link)

  • Dot-com Bubble – Wikipedia (link)

  • The Rise and Fall of the Venture Business, Fred Wilson (link)

  • The Micro VCs are Coming, Mattermark #RIP (link)

Mary Meeker Internet Trends

News & Trends

Steve Schlafman Recs: Slideshares

Best of Posts & Essays

Venture Capital Books


  • Invest Like the Best, Patrick O’Shaughnessy (link)

  • This Week In Startups, Jason Calcanis (link)

  • Full Ratchet, Nick Moran (link)

  • 20min VC, Harry Stebbings (link)

  • Brave New Work, Aaron Dignan (link)

  • The Knowledge Project, Shane Parrish (link)

  • Coaches Rising, Joel Monk (link)


 Special thanks to Steve Shlafman for inspiration and adoption of many links from his collection.


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