Our goal at the physician forge is to bring together physician creators and other experts to work together to build an impactful life of freedom. If you want to build your leadership skills, connect with like-minded individuals, develop financial freedom, and be a successful steward of your entrepreneurial projects, assets, and time, consider joining us.

Why Physician Forge?

Private Group

A safe place to grow and discuss what you are accomplishing with your side projects and endeavors.

Local Chapters

Like a personal board for advancing your goals. Chapters of 15 people lead by a chair who meet monthly. (Future)


Team up and connect with people who have experience in what you're trying to accomplish.


Connect with awesome members from around the globe. (Future)

Qualifications for Membership

Be a High Income Earner

Our organization was made for high income earners looking to create freedom outside their 5-9. We bring in experts within leadership, entrepreneurship, finance, and business to facilitate knowledge sharing.

Readiness to Share

Each of our members are truly the cornerstone that makes our group unique. We rely on your diverse background, experiences, and expertise to help others within our community.

Willingness to Learn

Being willing to learn is critical for our members. Intolerance for new ideas and unconventional thinking isn't acceptable.


We expect a commitment to help others, to not solicit, and to attend monthly meetings if at all possible.

How to Become a Member

1. Application

We want to ensure that our group will be the best possible fit for you. We also want to ensure that applicants are truly physicians that are extremely driven and will be excellent resources to fellow members.

2. Review by Leadership Board

We have a diverse leadership team that really care about this community and are dedicated to serving you once you become a member.

3. Onboarding Process

Here we plug you into the system with a chapter based on your location, a mentor based on your interests, and give you access to all the benefits of being a member.