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 Join our community, and dive into our database of case studies on founders and investors.

See exactly how high-income professionals can create wealth outside of a W2.

Surgeons and physicians that are passionate about taking care of their patients are still able to create wealth outside of their clinical practices.

Our case studies in and outside of medicine break down the stories behind how founders, creators, and investors are building financial security to detach their earnings from their time. 

You’ll find that these people are just like you, and that you can do it as well.

Surround yourself with founders who have been there before.

Often clinicians that pursue learning in business are ridiculed and bullied by their peers.

Surround yourself with people who are ethical, genuine, and care about making a wider impact. 

Surgeons and physicians are creating wealth and cash flow outside of their clinical practice as a way to diversify, create freedom, and create financial security.

Learn how founders uncovered their idea that turned them into a millionaire

Learn what niches actually make money

See exactly how founders and investors scaled their businesses

Soak up knowledge and learnings from the most successful founders in the world in the medical and business domains

We'll hold you accountable

We’ll hold you accountable to learning and building the business that changes your and your family’s life forever.

You’ll get access to case studies, courses, frameworks, alongside a group of people that genuinely want you to succeed.

Everything you need to get your business off the ground

Building assets for yourself and your family is not a game of luck.

It’s about taking action and developing a new set of skills.

Business Ideas & Frameworks

Check out our courses and frameworks organized and made to help you immediately get started building.

Deep Dives

We have weekly deep dives that go into detail about business and practical takeaways to implement in your business and investing strategies.

Community of Founders & Investors

Physician Forge was made for entrepreneurs and investors looking to create freedom in their lives.

Founder Case Studies

Learn from founder and investor stories within the business and medical world.

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