Consume Knowledge

I’ve noticed that some of the most successful individuals devour books and intensely seek out knowledge on a topic, and we should too! 

Gary Keller from Keller-Williams, a billionaire and world-wide business owner discusses this very idea on a recent Tim Ferriss (4-hour work week) podcast. That before going out and building a real estate business he received the advice to learn from those who have many more years of wisdom and knowledge about the subject. 

Netflix’s recent documentary, Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates, also talks about the same phenomenon, that one of the most successful men on the planet started off with an intense desire and ability to consume knowledge! 

So here is an ever growing list of resources that we can learn from. If you find more resources, please comment!

The list! and Ideas on developing a more passive income and saving on taxes through real estate investing. Topics on finances and everything from making wise decisions in medical school and residency to strategies for choosing index funds for your investment portfolio. FIRE stands for, Financial Independence Retire Early. This blog focuses on getting you to that step of accomplishing this freedom. Knowledge filled podcast combating physician burnout and highlight physicians that have stories to tell and lessons to share about their outstanding and diverse accomplishments. Helping physicians learn how to prevent and treat burnout through teaching them how to obtain financial independence.

Read, Listen, Learn, and then Take Action

Remember, that often we can find ourselves just reading continuously and not taking action. There comes a point at which you have to take that action, applying the wisdom and new skills from what you’ve learned.

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